He’s a pain relief expert some of Hollywood’s hottest starlets and the NBA and NFL’s biggest megastars turn to when they need to BEAT PAIN FAST.

Today, he’s finally unveiling his #1 secret against low back and hip pain: a precise sequence of 6 unique movements he’s used to successfully treat hundreds of clients.

The best part? This isn’t just for athletes and actresses. It works just as well for regular people. Read below and see for yourself.

Hi there,

My name is Dr. Brian Schwabe and right now, your life is about to change.

Because today, I’m going to show you how to completely relieve your lower back & hip pain.

Even if you’ve already tried going to the chiropractor…

Even if you’ve stretched and twisted your back into a pretzel to try to “loosen up”...

Even if you’ve done hours of planks and crunches to strengthen your core…

And NONE of it has worked.

Because today, I’m going to show you how to completely relieve your lower back & hip pain.

The revolutionary new method I’ve used to help some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and sports athletes recover from even the worst low back & hip pain

My name is Dr. Brian Schwabe and I’m a go-to pain expert for professional basketball, baseball, and football athletes. Today, I’m releasing a brand-new method I created specifically to fix the lower back & hip pain of regular, everyday men & women over 35.

As I said, my name is Dr. Brian Schwabe.

I’m a board certified sports physical therapist based in Los Angeles, California...

And yes, I’ve got a bunch of fancy letters after my name...




And yes, a lot of insiders know me as a go-to pain relief expert in Los Angeles.

I’ve fixed back & hip pain problems for star athletes in the

NBA, NFL, and the UFC...

As well as many of the “older” Hollywood A-list actors and actresses you see strolling down the red carpet with the grace and go of people half their age.

But I didn’t create this revolutionary new method for them…

I created this brand-new back & hip pain fix for everyday men and women ages 35 and older who live normal lives and don’t have time to train and rehab like full-time athletes

It’s for men and women who’ve suffered unbearable back & hip pain for years…

Who’ve tried everything to get rid of their pain, and nothing has worked...

Who just want something - anything - that could actually help them feel better.

You see: the reason countless men & women in LA now flock to me to fix their pain is because of the revolutionary pain-relief method I created to repair mine.

It’s true. After years of struggling with my own back issues, I’ve developed a simple and effective method to fix lower back & hip pain...

And today, I want to share it with YOU.

This breakthrough new method gets rid of chronic lower back & hip pain quickly and effectively

Even if you’re out of shape…

Even if you’re 40, 50, 60, or older…And even if you’ve been suffering for YEARS.

It’s a unique sequence of 6 stretches that can be done in the comfort of your living room…

That take just 9 minutes a day…

And that could finally relieve your lower back & hip pain for good.

Just look at what my past patients have to say:

“No more hip pain after replacement surgery!”

“Brian helped me rehab through my first hip replacement and subsequent emergency revision with the expertise, patience, and kind, consistent diligence that I really needed. Watching his interactions with other patients helped me realize just how individualized his care is for each client... Those that find him, are the fortunate ones.”
Paul Ganus, 57, Los Angeles

“Experience and expertise that is unmatched!”

"When it comes to knowledge, advice, and guidance as a PT, no one is better than Brian. When I first met him, my body was a walking injury. He was able to help fix me and keep me mobile."
Blaine Hovenier (UCLA Tennis)

“After years living in pain, I feel like myself again!”

"Throughout my time with my Brian, there has been no question in my mind that he is my first call for questions regarding an injury. He consistently displays the utmost knowledge and care for my physical well-being."
John Thomas (USC Baseball)

I’ve helped hundreds of regular, everyday men & women overcome their chronic lower back & hip pain…

And today, I want to share my revolutionary new method with YOU.

Just imagine...

No more wincing out of bed in the mornings all stiff and creaky...

No more achiness from sitting all day at work…

And no more guilt from not being able to pick up your child… or even the laundry.

Your body will be strong… like it was in the past.

You can finally go back to exercising or hitting the gym without paying for it later.

With your back & hips restored, you can return to your favorite exercises, like running, hiking, or yoga.

You’ll be able to keep up with your kids…

Get back to the hobbies you once held dear…

And join in the fun instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Better yet, your loved ones will see you as the energized, HAPPY person you were before your pain struck…

And not as a prisoner of your own body.

Doesn’t that sound great?

With this revolutionary back & hip pain solution, it’s all possible.

Because throughout my career in physical therapy, I’ve discovered something truly astonishing...

You see, when most men & women injure their lower backs or hips, they resort to stretches, core exercises, and back adjustments to fix their pain…

Yet I discovered there’s actually a little-known feedback loop in your body that causes the cycle of recurring lower back & hip pain that’s so common in men & women 35 and older.

And most of these treatments don’t do anything to break the cycle.

Physicians now refer to this response as neuromuscular tone…

However, when I’m speaking patients in my office, we use another name for it:

This little-known pain cycle is called Tissue Lock

You see: Tissue Lock is a muscle-stiffening reflex that occurs inside every human body.

If you have pain in your lower back and hips right now, I can almost guarantee you this is the reason why.

I’ll tell you all about my discovery in a moment.

For now, the bottom line is until you tell your body to how to STOP Tissue Lock from happening, this cycle of pain will keep your back & hips tight and ache-y, even if you stretch all day, every day.

If you’re a woman, it’s even more complex! Your child-bearing hips and pelvis are wider than a man’s -Which makes you more likely to suffer from low back & hip pain

As a result of this complexity, your body evolved a unique mechanism to stiffen & protect your back & hip muscles in response to injury...

Really, it happens to prevent catastrophic injury.

But for regular folks just trying to get through their days, it causes stiffness, pain, and discomfort that seems to never go away.

That’s Tissue Lock.

You see, Tissue Lock is the reason why most modern treatments only provide temporary relief…

Why your back & hip pain is so hard to get rid of...

And why back & hip pain affects nearly two-thirds of all Americans nowadays.

The truth is, the reason back & hip pain keeps coming back is because most methods treat the symptoms, not the cause.

If you want to get better, you must break the cycle of pain caused by Tissue Lock.

The good news is, once you break the cycle... getting rid of pain isn’t just possible… it’s easy.

And that’s exactly what the precise sequence of movements I’m going to show you will do.

You see, you can get rid of Tissue Lock and eliminate your back & hip pain in just 2 simple steps…

First, release the stiffness and tightness in your locked-up muscles…

Second, rebalance your back & hip muscles return to their natural, pain-free positions so that the pain doesn’t come back.

I call it the Release-Rebalance</span cl> method.

It’s a sequence of 6 stretches… in a very precise order...

That are simple to do and take just a few minutes each day to complete.

And because it’s designed to put your body back into its natural alignment, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or expert help so it can be done right in your living room.

I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment...

The best part?

This revolutionary Release-Rebalance technique shortens YEARS pain relief therapy so men & women with chronic back & hip pain can recover fast

Which means with this new method, your lower back & hip pain could be GONE.

Even if you have scoliosis or sciatica,

Even if you have disc problems…

And even if you can barely move without gritting your teeth in pain.

For the first time, you’ll have long-lasting pain relief.

Doesn’t that sound great?

For years, I’ve only revealed this method to clients in my LA office…

But recently, I’ve noticed that lower back & hip pain has become an epidemic in our society…

Especially since so many men & women ages 35+ sit all day at work.

So today, I want to make my breakthrough back & hip pain relief method available to YOU.

Sound good? Great because this is an absolute breakthrough and I promise you, it’s going to completely change your life.

Let me begin by telling you

How a weightlifting accident injured my back… and led me to the biggest breakthrough of my career

It all started right after graduate school.

I was in the #1 ranked sports physical therapy residency in the country - the board certification at University of Southern California.

Every day I studied for hours to understand how the body’s muscles, bones, and tendons worked...

But the CORE of the program was working 1-on-1 with patients in a shared physical therapy office.

I treated men and women with every kind of joint pain you can imagine…

Including shoulder… ankle… knee… neck… and wrist pain.

Yet the most common problem most men & women faced was lower back & hip pain.

Almost HALF of all my patients had it.

And right from the beginning, I noticed a strange pattern...

Patients with back & hip pain were young, old, skinny, and overweight... yet they all had ONE thing in common

Their pain was difficult to get rid of.

Patients tried all sorts of different pain relief methods before coming to us...

But without the right treatment, their low back & hip pain seemed to just never go away.

There was something about back & hip pain that made it very persistent… something we were missing.

I felt bad for these patients.

I thought about creating a faster, more effective back & hip pain relief treatment...

But to be honest, I didn’t know where to start.

When the breakthrough in back pain treatment finally came…

It was completely by accident.

It was just another sunny day in LA, and I was lifting weights at gym...

When in a single instant, my life was flipped upside down.

I bent down to pick up a weight like I had done a million times before, and suddenly...

I felt a POP in my lower back just to the right of my spine

I immediately dropped the weight and sat down.

Pain forced me to double over and lean on my knees.

Something was definitely WRONG with my back.

“What just happened? Did I injure a disc? What if I just screwed something up really bad?!” I thought.

As the first few days passed, and the pain didn’t get any better, I feared the worst…

That I had permanently injured my back.

Over the next few months, I experienced the frustration that only someone with low back & hip pain knows.

ANYTHING I did - walking... standing... sitting... even laying down - made my lower back & hips ache

Everything I tried to get rid of the pain only provided false hope.

I rested… used heating pads… iced...

I even used the SAME exercises I prescribed for my patients.

And sadly, nothing worked.

Every time I thought my back was finally getting better, I’d bend down to tie my shoes and WHAM! … The pain would strike again.

It was as if I was caught in a loop. And although I didn’t know it at the time, I was! I was caught in the horrible cycle of Tissue Lock.

It was frustrating beyond belief.

Worst of all, I felt like a fraud.

Here I was, mister top physical therapist from one the most respected institutions in the world, and I couldn’t even fix my OWN back pain…

How was I supposed to fix someone else’s?

That was the last straw.

At that moment, I resolved to figure out how to fix my back pain - at ANY cost.

Looking back now, it’s clear

I was in the best position to find an effective solution for back & hip pain relief that lasts</span c>

I studied the human body my entire adult life.

I KNEW what all the nerves, muscles, and tendons in my back were.

And now, I could FEEL how each one worked inside my own body.

Frenzied with pain, I began work immediately.

I videotaped myself doing 3 “screens” - specialized whole-body movements that revealed which muscles in my back & hips were tight.

I took extensive notes on how certain muscles and nerves in my back were reacting.

When I analyzed the footage, what I discovered SHOCKED me.

After all these years, I finally figured out why lower back & hip pain was so difficult to fix…

And the key to getting rid of it permanently.

The answer had been under my nose the entire time… hidden in plain sight.

The culprit was an ingrained reflex that LOCKS back & hip muscles into tight, painful positions

Here’s what I discovered...

When you hurt yourself and your brain senses pain in your lower back or hips,

Your brain’s knee-jerk reaction is to LOCK your pelvis muscles into place via a process called muscle tone.

Now this is good because it minimizes serious damage to your spine…

But it’s bad because it keeps your back & hips tight and immobile and prevents healing.

And here’s the REAL problem…

The more your brain senses pain, the more it LOCKS your muscles.

The more locked your pelvis is, the more pain you feel… which locks your pelvis even more!

This cycle is called Tissue Lock.

And with time, it results in your back & hips getting tighter and tighter until they’re as stiff as a rusted bicycle chain.

This condition keeps your back & hips TIGHT and painful even if you stretch and strengthen your back

Tissue Lock is the reason why most back & hip pain treatments are ineffective.

And it’s the reason my Rebalance-Release Method is different... and better... than anything else you’ve tried... with the hundreds of success stories that prove it.

And today, you’re going to learn exactly how to do it.

Don’t worry… it’s not complicated.

And best of all,

This sequence of 6 gentle movements heals your lower back & hip pain in just 9 minutes a day

This brand new technique restores the balance and alignment of your back & hips…

Which lets your back naturally heal itself.

Almost immediately, you’ll feel the tightness in your back & hips fade away...

And the pain signal to your brain will be turned OFF.

For the first time in what may seem like forever, you’ll feel ZERO pain in your back & hips


You may feel disbelief as you wait for it to come back, as I did.

But this time… it won’t.

A day will pass… two days… a week...

And slowly, the realization will dawn on you:

It’s gone… it’s REALLY gone!

FINALLY! You can start living life again, instead of just being a bystander.

You can get back to hiking… running… dancing...

You can return to yoga class… or the gym...

You’ll even be able to sit at home at watch Netflix without squirming in pain.

More importantly, you can be the best person you can be for your family again.

Play with your kids… your grandkids… and see the smile light up your spouse’s face as they realize: they have their partner back.

I’m so excited for you to feel this because this is EXACTLY how I felt.

After I applied this sequence of movements to my own back & hips, the pain disappeared in a matter of days

And to this day, my back & hips are still 100% pain-free.

Not a twinge or a pinch.

Bouncing with excitement (literally), I shared it with my back & hip pain patients in my LA physical therapy office.

And the results were nothing short of astonishing.

Men and women who had suffered back & hip pain for YEARS… who lost all hope…

Were now sailing through life…

Playing the sports they loved…

Picking their kids up again...

Using their bodies the way nature intended.

Patient after patient told me that this Release-Rebalance treatment gave them their lives back.

I’ve helped hundreds of men & women fix their chronic lower back & hip pain with this new Release-Rebalance method.

And today, I want to share it with you so you can overcome YOUR pain from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine… YOU could have the very same results… just days from now.

I know because now… it’s what I’m known for.

And after I used this back & hip pain treatment on the patients I had at the time, word started to spread through Los Angeles like wildfire.

Friends told friends… those friends told more friends… and before long,

Everyone from CEO’s to major sports athletes came to my LA physical therapy office, asking me to fix their pain with this new method

Including basketball players who push their bodies to the absolute limit...

Football players whose bodies get pummeled, beaten down, and slammed nearly every single day...

Even MMA fighters came in for pain relief.

Again and again, this method healed their lower back & hip pain and gave them a new lease on life.

This is a picture of me working with a professional football team in California.

After I began using the Release-Rebalance in my LA physical therapy office, athletes from many major sports came to me to fix their back & hip pain.

And today, I’d like you to experience the magic of this back & hip pain method for yourself.

Which is why I’m so proud to finally introduce:


The Revolutionary New Method to Gently Relieve and Repair Your Low Back & Hip Pain in Just Minutes Per Day

This is it.

In just 9 minutes a day, your back & hip pain could be completely GONE.

Because with the Release-Rebalance Method, you’ll finally have access to my unique, 6-move sequence to fix your back pain for good.

The truth is, there’s NO other back & hip pain fix like this in the world.

Because there’s no other solution that breaks the cycle of Tissue Lock to help you find lasting relief.

I developed this revolutionary pain relief method with my training from the #1 physical therapy graduate program in the country…

I experimented on myself for months to find a sequence that provides the best results in the least amount of time.

And then tweaked and perfected it after treating HUNDREDS of everyday men and women just like you…

With nearly every type of back & hip pain you can think of.

So whatever type of back or hip problems you might have, trust me when I say…

This breakthrough pain-relief method has you covered.

Because it’s NOT a blanket cure-all stretch, exercise, or back adjustment that will give you a few hours or days of relief….

It’s the most targeted and most complete back & hip pain solution there is.

Which is why

This back & hip pain solution shortens YEARS of therapy and gets rid of pain fast

Even if you’re getting “up there” in age and not in the best shape…

Even if you sit for hours every day at work…

And even if your back’s been injured for YEARS.

It’s why many major sports athletes with back & hip pain swear by the Release-Rebalance Method…

Why professional athletes from multiple different sports have had success with me when their backs were injured…

And frankly, it’s the reason why my past back & hip pain patients have written me things like:

“A mobility/stability solution to every injury!”

“My name is Victor Nicosia, I'm a USAG professional gymnastics coach and judge as well as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Brian Schwabe for about 6 months... In that time I have consulted Brian about everything movement related: from implementing new warm-ups and mobility stretches to injury prevention and strength and
conditioning. In doing so I've learned more from him than all my years of studying textbooks. He has a way of simplifying movement patterns that make you truly understand how the body is supposed to move. More importantly he seems to have a mobility/stability solution to every injury that you present to him. I recommend Dr. Schwabe to anyone in pain and will continue to do so.” Victor Nicosia - (USAG Pro Gymnastics Coach/Judge/NASM CPT)

“Expert information not only for relieving pain for good, but for preventing future injury!”

"In 2015 I re-injured my shoulder for the 3rd time (torn labrum). I had multiple meetings with the best sport surgeons in Los Angeles and they all told me I needed to get surgery. One doctor decided that I might as well try to rehab it again, and that’s where I met Brian. First day in the office, I wasn’t able to lift my arm
without pain and I was not very hopeful that I would heal. Brian said just give me 2 weeks; long story short Brian has hands down been a blessing to me and my career ( professional MMA fighter ). I’ve successfully been able to come back from a severely torn labrum without surgery, knee surgery, and multiple other injuries... I honestly am very lucky that our paths crossed." Chase Gibson - (Pro MMA Fighter)

“Success and pain-free after using these methods to rehab after 2 major surgeries.”

"I have had many physical therapists, but none of them have had the technical knowledge and professionalism that Brian has. He successfully rehabbed me after two major orthopedic surgeries in two years, and he also helped me strengthen my core to avoid future injury."
Hollis Taylor - (Former Patient)

Who is this for?

Point blank: if you’re wondering if what I learned working on the top athletes in the world, could also work for you, I promise you, what you find inside the Release-Rebalance program will work for you.

Because in this all-new Release-Rebalance program, I’ve taken everything I’ve ever learned about healing Tissue Lock... from both top athletes and normal folks alike...

And designed a relief sequence that works specifically for regular people with 9 to 5 “office” type jobs.

And that means this pain relief solution is designed to fix back & hip pain for men & women who aren’t training all the time…

Who sit for hours a day because of their jobs…

And who aren’t necessarily in tip-top shape.

In other words… if you’ve tried normal stretches… massages… and back adjustments…

If you’re tired of pain relief solutions that simply don’t work…

And you finally want to get back to the activities and hobbies you love…

Then Release-Rebalance is the most powerful solution you will ever find... because it was made JUST FOR YOU.


YOU could be our very next success story.

You could hike that amazing trail you’ve been putting off for years…

You could walk into your yoga class, completely free from the embarrassment of being the most awkward, knotted-up student in the class…

You could carry your kids or grandkids around town, laughing and playing the entire time...

You could give more to your kids… your spouse.

And most importantly...

You could have your LIFE back.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

The best part is,

With this back & hip pain fix, you can get rid of your nagging aches and twinges in just 9 minutes a day

And there’s no need to go to any doctor’s offices or anything…

You can do the whole sequence right in your living room.

In fact, it’s the perfect wake-me-up to start your day off.

In just a few moments, you could have access to the entire Release-Rebalance program…

Where I’ll walk you through the different movements in detailed, step-by-step videos.

Here’s how it works.


First, I’ll show you how to properly Release your back & hip stiffness with a unique 6 movement sequence that removes the most common aches and pains.

With this 6 movement sequence, you’ll feel immediate relief.

This sequence will release the tension in your most important back & hip muscles…

Properly align your spine... And your low back & hip pain will disappear.

Yet that’s just the beginning.

Truth be told, just this 6 movement sequence will bring you more relief than you’ve felt in years.

And if you just did this sequence, your pain will disappear… and you’ll be back to the activities you love.

Remember: Tissue Lock is a DOWNWARD CYCLE. And like all downward cycles, it must be broken.

And that’s where the second part of the Release-Rebalance Method comes in.


In this second step, you’ll Rebalance your back & hip muscles by going through a lightning-fast movement screen that’s like a “quiz” for your body…

There are three parts to this screen. They are quick and easy, and require no equipment. And the entire process will take you less than 10 minutes.

Yet, once you’ve completed the screen, the program will show you exactly which of your back & hip muscles are locked and tight...
and then...

it will guide you through the exact sequence that Rebalances and eliminates those muscles so that you can finally break free of your pain.

For example, the part of the screen is the Deep Squat.

Once you do it, you’ll be shown exactly how to “read” your results to determine exactly what sequence will help you most.

Say, for instance, you discover you have “knee collapse” during the squat movement. That means your hips are having trouble rotating. And the Release-Rebalance program will then provide you with the exact sequence to help rebalance and restore that issue.

If your chest and torso aren’t staying upright, it means the posture muscles of your back are locked...

If your arms don’t stay overhead, the cause of your hip pain is actually a stiff UPPER BACK...

If your lower back rounds, the problem is actually tight muscles in your LEGS...

And in each case you’ll get the precise, carefully crafted sequence I’ve created to Rebalance the problem area and get your hips and low back in tip-top shape again.

Can you see how this Release-Rebalance method fixes YOUR unique back & hip pain trigger?

Unlike any other back & hip pain method out there, this program is customized and tailored to you.

Just follow the exercises you’re given for your specific problem, and I guarantee you’ll be on the road to recovery.

You’ll be AMAZED at how quickly your back & hip pain vanishes

Yes, it is a completely revolutionary way to address pain.

And at this point, you may be wondering…

How much is this program going to cost me?

That’s a great question.

You’ll be happy to know, I’ve made it extremely affordable for you.

But before we get to that, I’d like to sweeten the deal and make sure this is 100% the day you wave goodbye to pain for good.

FREE Bonus #1:

The Office & Desk Pain Relief Routine ($19.00 Value)

The Release-Rebalance low-back program is a great routine to start your morning off with…

But if you’ve got a job that requires you to sit at a desk the entire day…

You can speed up your recovery even more with The Office & Desk Pain Relief Routine.

It’s a series of 9 different movements that you can do right in your office…

All you need is your desk, a chair, and a lacrosse ball (which you can get online or at any sports store).

These movements are great for when you take a break from work… do them each day and you’ll notice that your back & hips will feel amazing… even at the end of a long day.

In short, you can combine The Office & Desk Pain Relief Routine with the core Release-Rebalance low back and hip pain program to get better even FASTER…

Excited yet?

Great! Because that’s not all. You’ll also get:

FREE Bonus #2:

The Perfect Posture Fix ($25 Value)

I’ve included this bonus because I don’t want to just fix your back & hip pain…

I want to bulletproof your body...

So it’s nearly impossible to get injured again.

Simply put, most people sit and stand with poor posture all day, every day…

And this warps your spine, which leads to hip pain… headaches… neck pain… and even trouble breathing.

Simply put, bad posture is the first domino in a series of injuries that will cause recurring pain.

This free bonus fixes that.

You’ll get:

  • The 3 keys to perfect posture so that sitting doesn’t lock up your muscles and destroy your back
  • The “folding” trick to instantly straighten your back while sitting, without you even thinking about it. No more reminding or constantly nagging yourself to straighten up… this keeps your back straight on autopilot
  • 6 stretches that mobilize your “posture muscles” and prevent future injuries and pain before they have a chance to develop:

With the Office & Desk Pain Relief Routine and the Perfect Posture Fix to complement the core Release-Rebalance program, you’ll have the tools to keep your back & hips pain-free for good.

Yet that still wasn’t enough for me…

Because if you decide to join us today, I’ll also throw in:

FREE Bonus #3:

The Shoulder Pain Switch ($19 Value)

In my years as a physical therapist, I’ve found the second most common type of pain...

Behind back & hip pain…

Is shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain comes from many different sources, including arthritis, tendinitis, and other injuries…

And can really impair your ability to drive… exercise… or even do errands.

If that’s you, you have to give my proprietary shoulder-relief sequence a shot.

Because I’ve taken revolutionary Release-Rebalance methodology and discovered how to apply it to your shoulders (which are like the upper body version of your hips).

With this incredible sequence, you’ll use the same secrets of Release-Rebalance to restore pain-free movement in your shoulders and get back to reaching, throwing, paddling, and lifting without discomfort.

In total today, you’ll be getting the Release-Rebalance program for eliminating your specific source of lower back & hip pain…

Along with these 3 FREE amazing pain-relief bonuses…

All at an incredible price you wouldn’t believe.

Professional gyms and sports teams pay me $3,000 for these exact pain-relief methods… yet today, you get it for a fraction of that price

You see, I know how much it sucks to have crippling lower back & hip pain that just won’t go away.

I’ve felt the anger… the frustration… and the hopelessness of not being able to find pain relief that lasts.

That’s why I’ve made this program as affordable as I can while still being fair to my clients who see me in person.

So today, you won’t be paying $3,000...

You won’t be paying $1,500...

Or even $750....

Today, you can have this entire pain-relief system…

Including the core Release-Rebalance program for low-back and hip pain…

The Office & Desk Pain Relief Routine…

The Perfect Posture Fix...

And the Shoulder Pain Switch...

All for just $19.00.

Yes, that’s right.

You’ll get this entire pain-relief program… all for less than the price of a movie for two.

And what’s more, I’m also including a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

In other words,

If you decide this revolutionary back & hip pain relief system isn’t for you, just shoot me an email within 60 days and you’ll get every cent back

100% Money Back Guarantee

Which means your investment is completely risk-FREE…

And you’ll have nothing to lose, and a pain-free life to gain.

That’s how confident I am the Release-Rebalance will work for you.

Go ahead and take me up on this risk-free offer today…

And try this simple, quick sequence out in the comfort of your own home.

Prove to yourself it WORKS to fix your lower back & hip pain…

And if you don’t feel better than you have in YEARS…

If you don’t feel complete relief...

Or, if for whatever reason you decide it’s just not for you… no worries!

Send me an email and I’ll give you a complete, hassle-free refund, no questions asked.

But if you’re anything like the hundreds of other men and women who’ve fixed their pain with this method, you’ll be overjoyed at the results.

You’ll have a healthy, functioning body again…

Ready to dance, hike, and run as you please.

Ready to pick your kids up again…

Ready to ENJOY life again.

So go ahead and click the button below to start eliminating your back & hip pain now.

Don’t wait! Why put off feeling better for a single day longer?

Especially when you can put everything I’ve told you about here to the test, without any risk at all. Try it out and if you’re not fully convinced my program will help you find lasting relief, you won’t pay a thing.

Click the button below to start using the Release-Rebalance program, as well as all 3 of your FREE bonuses now.

Once you do, you’ll input your payment information through our secure system…

And you’ll instantly receive a link with direct access to the videos inside, so you can start fixing your back & hip pain immediately.

Your lower back & hip pain will no longer keep you from enjoying life

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Who is this for this revolutionary sequence of stretches for? Will it really get rid of my low back & hip pain?

    In short, YES.

    Although major sports athletes come to me to fix their back & hip pain…

    I created this unique back & hip pain method for regular, everyday people like you...

    Men & women over 35 who sit all day at work and in traffic…

    Who’ve tried absolutely everything to get rid of their back & hip pain…

    Yet they still wake up tight and achy every morning.

    So if you want to get back to hiking… yoga… or running…

    Or if you want to just go through your days without back & hip pain…

    Then the Release-Rebalance method is for you.

  • Q. How is Release-Rebalance different from other back & hip pain treatments?

    A. The Release-Rebalance Method uses guided self-assessments to show you EXACTLY how to start the path to healing through individually tailored exercises. While other exercises may be good, they might not be tailored for YOUR pain or individual mobility restrictions. By using our self-guided body assessments you will learn where your restrictions are and how to fix them.

  • Q. What if I have _________ condition? Does this work for older people?

    A. This method is safe for many different conditions. This does work for older people and many of the exercises are effective for older people. However, we recommend you always consult with your primary MD before starting any exercise program.

  • Q. Why should I trust you?

    A. As one of the few board-certified sports physical therapists in the US I have had distinct time and expertise working with everyday people to the highest level of professional athletes and movie stars. I’ve seen what has worked and what hasn’t and I myself have gone through horrible lower back pain and can now proudly say I have fixed my own back with this Method. I am a big believer in individualizing exercises based on your own restrictions and that is exactly what this product helps you do.

  • Q. Is this revolutionary low back & hip pain fix really covered by a 60-day money back guarantee?

    A. Yes, absolutely. If you're not satisfied for any reason, just shoot us an email within 60 days and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Q. Once I order this revolutionary back & hip pain fix, how will I access it?

    A. You can find the Thank You Page link in your email reciept from ClickBank, and in your welcome email from us. On that page you will can download your product PDFs and either stream or download your product videos.

Inside the Release-Rebalance method, you’ll have instant access to an informational booklet, as well 48 videos showing you exactly what movements you need to do to get rid of your back & hip pain.

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